Indian Food Guide and Kitchen Tips

  • Thalis of India

    Thalis of India

    The assortment of food offered in a platter is a tasteful expression of the culture and way of living of the different regions. Let’s explore culinary grandeur of the different regions of India with pride.

  • 10 Must Have Holi Recipes

    10 Must Have Holi Recipes

    One thing we are all eagerly waiting for is – Holi – the festival of colours. Here are some insanely delicious recipes you wouldn’t want to miss out this Holi.

  • What is Vegan Food?

    What is Vegan Food?

    A sudden spurt of vegans has left us confused about what they eat and how they are different from vegetarians. This brings the question “What is vegan food all about?”

  • Health Benefits of Green Tea

    Health Benefits of Green Tea

    Green tea is made of fresh leaves that aren’t oxidized. Being a less processed form of tea, the goodness of antioxidants and polyphenols in the tea leaves are retained, which would have otherwise been washed off in the process of oxidization.

  • The Eight Major Regional Cuisines of China

    The Eight Major Regional Cuisines of China

    Each cuisine has a distinctive flavour that differentiates it with the rest. Some of them are mild and sweet, while the others are hot spicy, there are also cuisines that taste bland and salty.

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